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I'm Ash -

a yoga instructor & guide, hiker, nature lover, nomadic spirit, and spiritual seeker. My personal journey has been heavily impacted by the gentle power of yoga and nature. So much so, that it has called me forward to my work in this space, which is about sharing practices with others that nourish and balance the nervous system, while meeting clients wherever they may be on their journey. I enjoy utilizing movement, breath, nature, and sound to help others self-regulate and navigate the mountains and valleys of life. There is space here for your grief, and there is space here for your joy. I hope to help you find a practice that supports the many expressions of who you are, throughout your lifetime. 

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Multiple Dates
Jul 30, 2024, 6:30 PM
122 Chiropractic
Acupuncture with guided meditation and healing sounds.
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Weekly Classes

Yoga with Ash offers weekly flow-based yoga classes at two different locations in the Smith Mountain Lake area. Classes primarily focus on hatha vinyasa style, integrating breath with mindful movement to improve strength and flexibility of body and spirit. Heated classes are offered once monthly. All classes are all-levels and beginner-friendly. Mats and blocks provided at no additional cost.

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Special Events

Special events like Acu-Medi and Hike+Yoga are offered on a periodic basis. Acu-Medi sessions guide participants toward deep relaxation with the support of acupuncture, meditation, and healing sounds. Hike+Yoga excursions are a great way to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature while enjoying mindful movement with a group. Stay tuned to the schedule for the next special event!

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Private Group Sessions

Yoga with Ash offers personalized group wellness sessions to include yoga classes, restorative sound meditations, and Hike+Yoga excursions on a local scenic trail. These sessions are a great way to bring loved ones together mindfully, and are located on-site in your home or on your favorite trail. Submit an inquiry to begin crafting the perfect activity for your group.

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